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Advisory Services


Our Advisory Services blends industry-specific insights with best-practice methodologies, enabling you to deliver business value. We leverage a step-by-step tailored approach to improve your business and IT function using data-driven tools & diagnostics; providing you with tools, best practices, and advisory support for all your key IT and business strategy projects.

We help you:

  • Understand your competitive landscape and applicable markets,
  • Develop a business, technology strategy and an actionable execution plan
  • Select vendors effectively and efficiently
  • Save money through better projects and program management

Business Strategy & Roadmap

A practical approach to first understand your organizations business goals and vision for the future, then Identify your technology requirements and how best to align your business and IT Strategy with continuous improvement initiatives.

IT Transformation Services

Our unique approach uses Business Systems Analysis, DevOps, Agile, Cloud Transformation & Migration, Automation and more to bring you agility, efficiency and productivity on an ongoing basis to help you fuel your technology transformation needs.

CIO Advisory Services

Our CIO Advisory program is a low-effort, high-impact program that will give you a detailed assessment your core IT’s services; the program brings clarity to what IT priorities need to be, how they are defined, and how their success is measured.

IT Vendor Selection

Selecting an IT vendor can be a harrowing process for businesses. Our intelligent vendor selection process makes it easy for you to effectively and efficiently select the right IT vendors for your business.

IT Diagnostic Services

Our IT process effectiveness and importance assessment distributed to the entire IT department to build consensus and focus improvement efforts across critical IT processes.

IT Staffing Assessment

You can justify your IT’s headcount, allocate staff more effectively, communicate how your IT function supports the business and use included feedback from your staff to guide improvement exercises


Align your organization's IT and Business Vision with our CIO Advisory Program...

Research reveals that companies that effectively align business goals with their IT departments achieve higher growth compared to IT departments lacking alignment. For CIOs, effective alignment can be the tipping point in moving IT from supporting the business to enabling and transforming it.

We help you assess the business impact of IT constraints, understand what your IT priorities need to be, how they are defined, and how their success is a measure to ensure you create a tangible path to IT/Business alignment.

Our CIO Advisory Program will help you:

  • Understand the CEO's perception of and vision or IT in your business,
  • Identify and build core IT processes that automate IT-business alignment,
  • Create a plan to address alignment gaps impeding business growth,
  • Deliver your plan to demonstrate IT value and progress.

Select vendors effectively and efficiently with our it vendor selection services...

Our intelligent vendor selection process employs a 5-step approach to help you effectively and efficiently select the right IT vendors for your business.

  • Business Requirement Analysis

    We work with your stakeholders to carefully identify, analyze, and document your core business requirements to facilitate a procurement process with an outcome that delivers measurable results.

  • Budget Planning & Business Case Development

    We connect every dollar you hope to spend to a specific business objective, and demonstrate how that expenditure is going to get you there.

  • Solution Specifications Review

    We distil your business requirements and budget into a functional specifications list to determine must-have features and nice-to-have to ultimately help you avoid common pitfalls of product scoping and specifications.

  • Vendor RFP/RFQ Process

    We leverage a considered approach to bridge the gap between internal discussions and external vendors to help you reflect your business objectives, requirements, technical/project specifications and budget restrictions.

  • Vendor Evaluation and Selection

    We help you make sense of every step in managing the RFP process, from distributing your RFP to evaluating vendor proposals and intelligently selecting the right vendor for your business.


Our project portfolio management maturity assessment helps you to evaluate and improve the PPM practices.

The Project Portfolio Management Diagnostic Program is a low-effort, high-impact program designed to help project owners assess and improve their PPM practices. Gather and report on all aspects of your PPM environment in order to understand where you stand and how you can improve.

  • Take stock of your current PPM practices and chart a strategy for success
  • Get everyone on the same page by understanding the customer perspective
  • Analyze your project portfolio management practices in-depth for thorough improvement and optimization
  • Apply the in-depth approach to project management to achieve comprehensive succes